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Offbeat Bites: Kitchen Safety
Summer is right around the corner, and the long break is always a great time to sharpen your skills in the kitchen. However, one should always keep safety in mind when working in the kitchen. It should come as no surprise that most household acciden (More)
Offbeat Bites: Messy Summer Strawberry Pie
Chef’s note: This refreshing dessert is perfect on a hot summer day, and makes the best of berry-picking season. The pie is held together by a soft-set, almost creamy, gelatin that clings to the strawberries, allowing it to be sliced, but loses compo (More)
Offbeat Bites: Goat Cheese Tartlets
Chef’s note: These delectable yet easy appetizers are great to serve to a crowd as glorified finger-food, and can be easily modified by using different sauces or cheeses to suit differing tastes. This particular combination is spicy-sweet and pleases (More)
Offbeat Bites: Miniature Cherry Pies
Chef’s note: This recipe is cute, easy, and delicious, with flavorful cherries and rich cream cheese. These adorable little pies taste far better than any fast food version, and make a great gift to your friends. The crust can be made beforehand, or (More)
Offbeat Bites: Easy No-Churn \"Ice Cream\"
Chef’s note: This \"ice cream\" is actually a semifreddo, which is basically a frozen mousse. Therefore it resembles an ice cream, but has a lighter texture and flavor, and requires no churning. The dish originates from Italy, and literally translate (More)
Offbeat Bites: Fat Fluffy Pretzels
Chef’s note: This recipe calls to mind those classic mall pretzels, drenched in hot butter and sprinkled with a good amount of salt. Yet these are fatter and tastier, balanced with a fluffy white interior and a golden-crisp, crunchy-but-chewy exterio (More)
Offbeat Bites: Popovers
Chef’s note: Popovers are a miracle in the baking world. Their batter contains no leaveners, yet they manage to “pop over” the sides of the mold, hence their name. The answer to this mystery lies in the power of steam - the inside of the perfect popo (More)
Offbeat Bites: Raspberry Financiers
Chef’s note: These adorable little confectioneries are perfect for giving to friends and they make a cute set when put on display. Financiers look like tiny little cupcakes, but are far more sophisticated in taste - rather than the simple sweetness o (More)
Offbeat Bites: Kalamata Quick Bread
Chef’s note: This lovely bread is made without yeast, meaning that you can whip it up in no time. Though olives are known for their briny flavor, they mellow out when baked. This bread is heavily inspired by Mediterranean flavors, and makes a great a (More)
Offbeat Bites: Peanut Butter Granola Squares
Chef’s note: These small granola bites are soft, chewy, and bring the classic combination of peanut butter and jelly to mind. Though they’re not exactly healthy for you, they’re mighty tasty, and they make the perfect treat to pass around class. For (More)
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