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Offbeat Bites: Perfect Egg Sandwiches
Chef’s Notes: These handy little sandwiches are the homemade version of an egg McMuffin, but are cheaper, tastier, and healthier for you. If you wish, you can add sausage or anything else to the sandwich. You can also freeze these little suckers. If (More)
Offbeat Bites: Fruity Spring Rolls
Chef’s note: This recipe is quick and tasty. It can be prepared in under 20 minutes as a light appetizer, refreshing palate cleanser, or as a simple but sweet dessert. It makes a good accompaniment to a spicy curry or alongside a bowl of sweet black (More)
Offbeat Bites: Grasshopper Pie
Chef’s note: This delicious pie is a cute pastel color that fits in perfectly with the spring season. The filling is airy and light while the flavor is minty, making this dessert rather refreshing. When purchasing the peppermint extract, buy the hig (More)
Offbeat Bites: Strawberry Cream Crepes
Chef’s Note: Crepes are the European version of our American pancakes. They’re thinner and more buttery than classic American pancakes, making them the perfect medium for a variety of fillings. Filled with a sweet, pink fruity filling such as strawbe (More)
Offbeat Bites: Greek Tzatziki Soup
Chef’s note: This light appetizer is eaten as a cold soup and can be prepared ahead of time, as it actually gets better with time as the flavors meld. You can thicken the soup with extra yogurt or sour cream, and eat it as a dip, or you further thin (More)
Offbeat Bites: Brownie Cookies
Chef’s note: Thick, chewy, and chocolatey, these brownie cookies are sure to satisfy any chocolate cravings. The perfect hybrid of brownies and cookies; as decadent as a brownie but  manageable like a cookie. They’re also a change of pace from the us (More)
Offbeat Bites: Spice Cake
Chef’s note: Molasses and brown sugar give this cake a denser, richer flavor, while the spices warm you up. The cake gives off a pleasant aroma and when baking fills your house with the fragrances of fall. It\'s easy to make, and sure to please all. (More)
Offbeat Bites: Kale and Farro Soup
Chef’s Note: This dish actually has 4 main components: the kale soup, the farro, the poached egg, and the crostini, each of them coming together in a balanced meal. The egg adds a certain richness to the soup, the kale lends flavor to the broth, the (More)
Offbeat Bites: PB&J Cookies
Chef’s note: These itty bitty cookie sandwiches are sweet and small. This recipe makes about 80 individual cookies (40 cookie sandwiches), so make them for a crowd. They store well in a container for a few days. Click More)
Offbeat Bites: Raspberry Ricotta Cake
Chef’s note: Spongey and lightly sweet, this cake showcases fresh berries. Blueberries, blackberries, or strawberries could be used in place of raspberries, just as long they’re fresh and juicy. Such a light recipe as this makes a nice contrast with (More)
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