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Out of the Winter
The 8th grade chamber orchestra along with anchor Rafael Fernandez are here to give you a sneak peek of their upcoming song “Out of the Winter”, A fitting musical piece considering we are coming out of the winter and into spring. (More)
Bush PTA Honors Teacher and Parent with Lifetime Membership
The Bush PTA held it's annual meeting last week before the Winter Concert. Mrs. Spradling, a Bush Science teacher, and Mrs. Kaiman, a Bush parent and the PTA's president were honored with lifetime memberships. The band, choir, and orchestra were on h (More)
MOPA: Orchestra Fund Raiser at EZ's
On Dec. 1, the orchestra department will host a fundraiser at EZ's from 5 p.m - 9 p.m. senior, Ashton Woods is first chair in varsity orchestra and will play and help host the event. "Orchestra raises money for their department and do a lot of tri (More)
Carnival of Animals
from foter.com "Carnival of the Animals" is an an (More)
Orchestra achieves Midwest
by Alyssa Pena | staff writer In the middle of a challenging lesson instructed by the orchestra student teacher, a commotion suddenly rose from the director’s office. “Mrs. George freaked out in her office, then she came outside and yelled at u (More)
Multiple organizations secure a spot at state
by Myralexis Tijerina | staff writer Walking out the door, cello in hand, freshman Francesca Baldwin feels confident about the three to four minute solo ensemble performance she just gave at Madison high school. She has never made it this far in O (More)
Moving on to State: Orchestra's UIL Results
The results for Orchestra's recent UIL competition were released on Tuesday, Feb. 2. Seven students were qualified to continue to state, and other students listed were recognized for their achievements in their performances. Here are the full resu (More)
Bush Orchestra Strings up the Crowd
The Bush Orchestra performed a lively piece from the Nutcracker last week at the holiday concert. Click here to hear this award-winning group of talented musicians. (More)
Mr. Comalander Jams with the Bush Orchestra
Last week Mr. Comalander sat in with some of Bush\'s finest musicians. Who would have known that our school\'s leader would be so musically inclined. Click here to watch this amazing performance. (More)
Bush Orchestra Gets in Tune
The Bush News Crew got a sneak peek at how the Bush Orchestra is shaping up recently in a super secret practice session. Click here to listen to the amazing music created by these masterful musicians. (More)
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