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Seniors nominated for McDonald's All-American
By Victoria Ramirez | staff writer Coming in first in districts, the Lady Jaguars 2016-2017 team might be the best yet adding to their accomplishments not one but two starters nominated for the McDonald’s All-American basketball games. “The Mc (More)
Boys basketball takes on new season
by Michelle Brooks | staff writer After their loss in the first round of playoffs last year, the boys basketball team has been preparing to make a comeback this year. Some of the hard work they’ve put in is already beginning to show. “We really (More)
Girls basketball on the rise
by Michelle Brooks | staff writer As the orange ball slowly swirls around the rim, senior Tara Molina gazes up in anticipation as time slows down for a split second. Another three pointer. “It’s going pretty well. We’re all just trying to figu (More)
Jags hit the hardwood for 15-16 season
by Samuel Abbas | sports editor Following a second round exit last year, the Jags look to come back stronger this season. With many first year varsity players now on the team, the Jags look to develop their young talent and win games. “I’ve be (More)
Softball, baseball slide into the postseason
by Samuel Abbas | sports editor After both the softball and baseball teams accomplished sweeps in the first round, both varsity teams will be advancing to the second round of the playoffs. Softball will take on Southlake Carroll while baseball tak (More)
Basketball girls make history
by Michelle Brooks| staff writer In the past two years, the girls basketball team has made it to playoffs but have never made it past the second round. However, on February 19, the girls beat Brandeis and advanced to the third round. Although they (More)
Baseball runs out of game three magic
Baseball is a sport where one split second decision can win or lose a game, a tenth of a second can push a ball ten feet to the left or right for a double instead of an out, or vice versa. No matter how much time you spend preparing, sometimes the ba (More)
Baseball walks off with a playoff win
Facing the number one ranked team in the city, the baseball team knew that they were in for a tough series in the first round of the playoffs. Entering as the four seed from NEISD led to them playing the 25-6A district champs, the Clemens Buffaloes. (More)
Girls soccer advances to regional semifinals
Late Tuesday night, the varsity girls soccer team piled onto one another in celebratory fashion in response to their 3-1 victory over the Johnson Jaguars. A victory that cemented their place in the regional semifinals. The team pounced early and o (More)
Girls soccer advances to regional quarterfinals
The playoffs are tense, grueling, and by far the best time of the year in high school sports. The girl’s soccer team embraces all of these facts and uses them to thrive regardless of who they face in the postseason. In the first round they beat (More)
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