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Music Podcast: Black History Month
  The songs included in the playlist are dedicated to Black History Month. The Boys Are Back in Town - Thin Lizzy Voodoo Child - Jimi Hendrix Redemption Song - Bob Marley Down To Zero - Joan Armatrading Can't (More)
Debate Podcast: The Stigma around Millennials
  In this podcast, we discuss stereotypes around the Millennial generation and why it's wrong to blame everything on technology. (More)
Election Podcast: What happens now?
Only a few days after the end of the election, the Brahma News staff sit down and talk about what will happen now that president-elect Donald Trump will be taking office this coming January. (More)
Music podcast: 80's shoegaze/dark wave
The Jesus and Mary Chain - Just Like Honey The Cure - Boys Don’t Cry Joy Division - Disorder The Smiths - How soon is now? Pink Section - Wine World Cupid Come - My Bloody Valentine Depeche Mode - Enjoy the sil (More)
Nerdly Speaking: Upcoming Video Games Podcast
This month's podcast is all about some of the upcoming video games that will be releasing in May and June. Make sure to check some of these games out and look out for more video games coming out that may not have been mentio (More)
Nerdly Speaking: Pokemon's 20th Anniversary
This month’s podcast is about Pokemon's 20th anniversary and all of the things Nintendo has in store for us. Be sure to go to Gamestop for free mythical Pokemo (More)
My Jag News' latest podcast
Nerdly Speaking: Conventions Podcast
Alamo City Comic Con logo. Photo by dealspotr.com[/caption (More)
MyJagNews' latest podcast
Nerdly Speaking: New Anime You Should Watch
Hello, thank you for listening to Nerdly Speaking. This month's podcast is about anime, specifically, new anime that recently started airing, or finished airing recently that you should check out. Anime discussed in this pod (More)
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