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A scary story to listen to when you're bored
by Katie Barton | staff writer Most people have probably listened to a podcast at some point in time: a true crime podcast on the way to work, listening to businessman talk about money or politics while on a long road trip. I personally listen to (More)
English teachers create podcast to enhance learning
by Sofia Colignon | staff writer English teachers Daniel Farias and Julia Whitfield have decided to create a podcast of their own for their AP English IV students.  Called the "The Sieve," each episode is an extension of a topic discussed in class (More)
Nerdly Speaking: Star Wars Questions
The next Star Wars film, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, will be released Dec. 15. In honor of the first trailer drop, one of our staffers, who has no prior knowledge of Star Wars, asks questions about the beloved franchise. http://newspaper.neisd.net/wp-content/default-avatar-32.png?r=G (More)
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