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MyJagNews' latest podcast
Nerdly Speaking: New Anime You Should Watch
Hello, thank you for listening to Nerdly Speaking. This month's podcast is about anime, specifically, new anime that recently started airing, or finished airing recently that you should check out. Anime discussed in this pod (More)
Summer Podcast
Click the link to listen to nine summer songs to (More)
Artist spotlight: The Growlers
The Growlers\' album art for Are You In Or Out? Photo from Google (More)
60s rock scene
Norman Greenbaum\'s Spirit In The Sky single cover art. Photo f (More)
Top 8 Anime Openings
Hey Brahmas! Here\'s a podcast for anime lovers or people just getting into anime. Hope you enjoy it! Song List: Gotta Cat (More)
70 years of love songs
  The Best of Marvin Ga (More)
80\'s revival podcast
The Queen is Dead album cover by The Smiths. Photo taken from Google Im (More)
Up and coming artist: Mac Demarco
Mac Demarco\'s Salad Says album cover. Photo taken from en.wikipedia.org[/cap (More)
Screen Time with Amon Jackson 9.26
This weeks Screen Time is all about the movies you\'ve been waiting all your life to see and the TV shows you\'ve been going crazy without. (More)
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