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School year shift impacts graduation, other important dates
Elly Beauchamp | editor-in-chief Graduation has been moved to May 31 this year, causing other dates throughout the semester to shift backwards one week or more.  A majority of the changes are due to the availability of venues for events like gr (More)
Prom tickets: grab em' while they're hot
Lauren Loveless | staff writer However much fun perusing prom dresses and getting a group of friends together is, it means nothing if you don’t purchase a prom ticket. Ticket sales will be going on from March 5 to April 12 and will be available fo (More)
Juniors, seniors already counting down to April prom
by Lauryn Chavez | Staff Writer Prom is still a few months away, yet many students are already preparing for it. From dress shopping to buying decorations people are already ready to make this year’s Prom experience one to remember. Students are n (More)
Alternatives for prom night that still make it special
by Michelle Brooks | sports editor For most students, prom night can be the most spectacular and anticipated night of high school. Some view it as a magical dance spent with your closest friends among the senior and junior class, while others may (More)
15 thoughts you have while getting ready for prom
by Courtney Smith | Editor in Chief Prom is a signature element in the American high school experience. The right of passage dance is one of the few events in your life where you spend five times as long as usual getting ready to dance in a room f (More)
Why no one should post promposal pics this year
by Aleeha Shah | News Editor As soon as second semester begins, upperclassmen only have one thing on their minds: prom. Most of them spend so much time dreaming about their ‘magical’ night. They will wear the perfect dress, have the perfect date, (More)
Top 7 restaurants to go to before Prom
By Victoria Ramirez| staff writer If you're still trying to find a good place to eat before prom, check out these go-to spots in years past. From Mexican street food to Italian fine dining, this list has something for everyone. More)
Party buses create new area of concern
by Courtney Smith | staff writer Everyone knows the cliche: boy picks up girl in a limousine and they cruise their way into prom. However, limousines might not be the only things pulling up to prom anymore. A newer, bigger, and louder animal has c (More)
Two proms and ACT on the same day?
April 9 is a date that remains highlighted, circled, and ultimately unavoidable on almost every teenager’s calendar this year - with the Johnson prom, Reagan prom, and the ACT all set for that fateful Saturday. “I’m going to take the ACT on April (More)
The Dudes' Guide to Preparing for Prom
With prom soon to be upon us, many of us are preparing for that oh so special night. Both girls and guys have their own preparations to make, but most of the time, we only hear about what kinds of things the girl has to do to get ready, leaving some (More)
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