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A look into Space Odyssey
by Lauren Holzmann | arts and entertainment editor Sitting in class and the bell rings, you leave class and descend the stairs to your next period when you see the posters in the hallway: “CTJ Prom 2016: A Space Odyssey” and get really excited as (More)
Fun with a high price
Lauren Holzmann | staff writer The countdown to prom is on; many students are finding themselves scouring between the couch cushions for any last minute change. While many students are blinded by the glitz and glamour of prom, the true costs becom (More)
Wait...that\'s my dress
The background information of the secret group. by Lauren Holzmann|staff writer With prom season sneaking up on juniors and seniors, there is always the lingering cur (More)
Finding the right dress
by Mahek Khetani|arts and entertainment editor Searching for a prom dress is probably one of the most stressful things a teenage girl goes through, now more than ever considering the circumstances of one of our favorite boy bands. The solution (More)
Money makes the winner
As spring rounds the corner, (More)
Why you should embrace the prom theme
by Claire Carter | editor-in-chief Each year a group of hard working junior class officers meet weekly to plan one of the greatests nights of high school: PROM. With the pressures of having great food, awesome music, and a kickin’ theme, this group (More)
2014 Prom-posals
When Prom time comes around, students, boys and girls, start thinking about creative Prom-Posal ideas. by Eduardo Calderon| New (More)
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