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2014 Prom-posals
When Prom time comes around, students, boys and girls, start thinking about creative Prom-Posal ideas. by Eduardo Calderon| New (More)
The Final Calendar- Senior Edition
The Final Countdownphoto by https://www.ccsf.edu/ Sunday May 19 Post pictures f (More)
The Greatest Gatsby-Review
If there’s one thing to remember about the school year, it’s Gatsby. Gatsby themed prom, Gatsby required reading, and of course, Gatsby’s movie of the summer. Director Baz Luhrmann and producer Jay Z worked together to create a knock-you-off-yo (More)
And That Costs How Much? : The Prom Experience
Prom night leaves students with an empty wallet I got my dress! Now all I need is my sho (More)
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