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Annual event faces new concerns
Prom has been held at the JW Marriott since Johnson has been open. by Eduardo Calderon| New (More)
The Final Calendar- Senior Edition
The Final Countdownphoto by https://www.ccsf.edu/ Sunday May 19 Post pictures f (More)
The Greatest Gatsby-Review
If there’s one thing to remember about the school year, it’s Gatsby. Gatsby themed prom, Gatsby required reading, and of course, Gatsby’s movie of the summer. Director Baz Luhrmann and producer Jay Z worked together to create a knock-you-off-yo (More)
And That Costs How Much? : The Prom Experience
Prom night leaves students with an empty wallet I got my dress! Now all I need is my sho (More)
Step Up Yo Game!
art by Mari Amos Everyone struggles with self-confidence and unfortunately there is no grea (More)
Prom styles on a dime
by Ivey McDaniel & Melissa Smith | editors (More)
The Black Top Proposal
April 18 Kat Benson (11) asked George McQuade (12) to prom using the black top, tarp, and close friends in fifth period lunch. He said yes, and you can check out pictures from the biggest, most public prom proposal at school so far.   [cap (More)
With prom a little more than a month away, it seems that prom 'proposals' are everywhere . Not only are they everywhere but they are bigger and grander, no longer is a simple ' will you go to prom with me?' ok.  For those who haven't asked someone to (More)
Prom - all about how to and not to ask your date
by Nicholas Casarez | Sports editor Prom is coming up faster than most people realize. Many girls sit dateless, at home, baselessly wondering if anybody loves them while the guys sit at home frantically trying to figure out how to ask those same gir (More)
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