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Annual rivalry still big attraction, despite early season date
Bulldog to Rattler
Addison Garcia talks to Rian Magner about how she is feeling regarding the transition she will soon make moving from Bush to Reagan High school next year. She discusses what she is most nervous about, what electives she has chosen, and her plans for (More)
Riding Safely on NEISD buses
        With the recent tragedy in Indiana where a beloved elementary school principal shoved several students out of the way of an oncoming bus and subsequently died, many are asking about bus safety.There are over 800 NEISD vehicles, and 452 of the (More)
Quid Nunc Goes to Chicago
    Leaving Tuesday for the Midwest Clinic, one of the largest international music conferences in the world, the Reagan Quid Nunc Saxophone Quartet will play with the stars. The ensemble, started only two years ago by a group of students, has won sev (More)
Rattlers End the Season 2015: Vince Hunter
Get an inside view of the Rattlers incredible 2015 season with Senior Defensive Corner, Vincent Hunter.   (More)
The Wetzel Way
With two parents working at Reagan and three sons having gone or planning to attend Reagan, the Wetzel Way consists of long hours at the school and never missing a football game www.youtube.com/watch?v=aveBES_AXk (More)
Varsity Football\'s comeback falls short
After a heartbreaking defeat last week, the varsity football team played much better in a hard fought 56-35 loss to undefeated Reagan Friday night at Comalander stadium. The Rattlers clinched their third consecutive district title with the win and (More)
Big week in district for fall sports
by Samuel Abbas | sports editor Following some important rival games against Reagan and Churchill respectively, the Jags push onward on the hardwood and continue their strong season to make a push for a higher playoff seed. “The game against R (More)
First Varsity Football Game of 2015
Experience the first kickoff of the season as the Rattlers show their school pride. (More)
NEISD’s Online Campus Newspapers
Please feel free to look around our campus newspaper sites and see what they feature.  Here are the links to our online newspapers: http://newspaper.neisd.net/churchill More)
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