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NEISD’s Online Campus Newspapers
Please feel free to look around our campus newspaper sites and see what they feature.  Here are the links to our online newspapers: http://newspaper.neisd.net/churchill More)
Almost There: Pre-Summer Survival Tips
It seems like the road to hot summer nights, bonfires, beach trips, or even just days without worrying about school work are rapidly approaching. If you’re daydreaming about your future summer experiences and encounters, you are not alone. These last (More)
VASE Contestants Day Off
Although not all VASE contestants made it to state, they all were rewarded with a field trip to the McNay Museum for submitting their artwork. When you take a look around Ronald Reagan High School you will find flamboyant posters on the walls that add color and (More)
Boundary change sends Bush students to Reagan
by Emma Fitzhugh | News Editor The NEISD Board of Trustees recently approved a proposed boundary change for two local high schools. “The NEISD research and planning department is constantly monitoring enrollments and future growth trends in all (More)
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