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Limited summer plans? Check out these local places you can visit
by Tala Kamil | staff writer Even though it may not seem like it, San Antonio has plenty to do for everyone. From theme parks to history tours, you will find something to do no matter what you are looking for.  The River Walk More)
Gov. Abbott Announces Plan to Reopen Texas Businesses
Gov. Abbott announced that on Friday, May 1, select businesses and public spaces will be allowed to reopen across the state. This announcement, created under a state initiative called Open Texas, aims to responsibly and safely re-engage the economy w (More)
The not-so-secret garden
by Eric Martinez | staff writer Walking around the Japanese Tea Garden is a peaceful experience with its beautiful and bountiful beauty and history. The Japanese Tea Garden locate (More)
Day of the Dead comes to life in SA
by Arianna Michaud | editor in chief The weekend of Oct. 28 marks Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead. This two day festival takes place Nov. 1 and Nov. 2, celebrated throughout Latin America. Despite its grim appearance, the holiday intends (More)
Students look beyond malls, fast fashion
by Joe Casarez | staff writer As the fashion resale market grows and begins to surpass the retail market, students are searching for a new, unique look. “My students like shopping at thrift stores,” fashion teacher Mandy Elliott said. “They lik (More)
"Hole" some donuts in Texas
San Antonio's Tricentennial Extravaganza
by Jeremy Reyes|staff writer On May 1,1718 the city of San Antonio was founded by Franciscan missionary Father Olivares Antonio. The mission was called San Antonio de Valero, this founding began our cities history. Now, three hundred years later, (More)
Alamo City Comic Con 2016
      This past weekend, Alamo City Comic Con  took place at the Henry B. Gonzalez convention center for the third year in a row. If you missed the 3 day convention, here's a bri (More)
Coffee cravings
by Aliyah Armstrong | staff writer If you’re tired of waiting in line behind everyone from school at Dunkin' Donuts or always having your study dates at Starbucks, here are some of the best places in San Antonio to get your coffee fix.   (More)
Culinary journey through San Antonio
by Aliyah Armstrong | staff writer So often we find ourselves going to the same restaurants every time we go out to eat. When we keep eating at those chain restaurants, we miss out on all the unique eats that San Antonio has to offer. Instead of g (More)
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