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Alamodome Discovery: Career Exploration
In a bid to explore career options, A/V students attended a job shadowing at the Alamodome on Feb. 25. “I learned a lot about the technical aspects of arenas,” senior Nathan Blair said. “I think it was really awesome to really get behind-the-scene (More)
Boys basketball looks forward to attending state playoffs
The Jaguar basketball team is rolling past opponents as they continue their fast start to their season. While maintaining a record of 17-6 overall they have racked up 4 district wins and 0 losses. Zach Keller was the team’s leading scorer last sea (More)
College Application Tips, Don't Fall Behind
As the first semester comes to a close, the pressure of college and what the future holds can become overbearing for seniors. Wondering what should be done and what is next is stressful, so here’s a small rundown of what seniors need to do so they do (More)
What I wish I dropped: a senior story
by Lauryn Chavez | staff writer With seniority comes past experience and regret. When asked if they wished they dropped any classes or if they could’ve chosen different ones every senior had something in mind. “AP world history, 100 percent," s (More)
Senior Ads
Senior ads for the yearbook are due October 1. Principal Todd Bloomer emailed both the Spanish and English order forms to parents and students. Contract and payments are due to Mikel Brand in B208. Please make any check out to Churchill Journalism. E (More)
Chick-fil-a vs. Whataburger, which do students prefer?
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Oh the places they'll go: senior choices take them all over the map
Senior Sunset Bids Seniors Farewell
Ashlyn Swain | Staff writer Johnson will be hosting it's first annual Senior Sunset get together to wish seniors goodbye on their last day of school. “There’s no cost to attend but we would like you to register so we can know how many people ar (More)
Up and Coming STAAR
As the school year begins to come to a close, both students and teacher alike are preparing for the STAAR end of course exams to come around the corner. “Springtime is [the] time for the STAAR test. Our first round will be in April and that is whe (More)
Johnson girls take to the field during the annual Powder Puff football game
By Eric Martinez | staff writer Another yearly tradition has started up again; the powder puff game. It has been played by Johnson for the last nine years and still carries on to this day. “It's just for fun. It's just a game between seniors an (More)
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