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Senior graduation takes on a new look for 2021
Graduation to be held at Alamodome
by Chloe Jordan | tech editor Graduation will occur on May 31 at 2:00 p.m. at the Alamodome.  “So, right now, and this could change, but right now, based on the city policies - the Alamodome is run by the city - we don’t get to dictate wh (More)
Senior parent creates community for graduating seniors via social media
Lauren Loveless | editor in chief Disappointed that senior year is coming to an unfortunate end, students nationwide are having to find creative ways to celebrate their high school career. However, feeling that seniors should not be alone in this (More)
From classrooms to Google classroom
With Governor Greg Abbot canceling school for the rest of the school year on April 17, the class of 2020 is officially robbed of the ending of their senior year. Already losing senior prom, spring sports, and activities, and not getting to spend a fe (More)
Coronavirus is changing senior year plans
Lauryn Hughes | arts editor When school let out for spring break on March 6, no one would have expected that was potentially the last day of school.  From moving classes and sports events to senior sunset, prom and possibly graduation being cancel (More)
Alamodome Discovery: Career Exploration
In a bid to explore career options, A/V students attended a job shadowing at the Alamodome on Feb. 25. “I learned a lot about the technical aspects of arenas,” senior Nathan Blair said. “I think it was really awesome to really get behind-the-scene (More)
Boys basketball looks forward to attending state playoffs
The Jaguar basketball team is rolling past opponents as they continue their fast start to their season. While maintaining a record of 17-6 overall they have racked up 4 district wins and 0 losses. Zach Keller was the team’s leading scorer last sea (More)
College Application Tips, Don't Fall Behind
As the first semester comes to a close, the pressure of college and what the future holds can become overbearing for seniors. Wondering what should be done and what is next is stressful, so here’s a small rundown of what seniors need to do so they do (More)
What I wish I dropped: a senior story
by Lauryn Chavez | staff writer With seniority comes past experience and regret. When asked if they wished they dropped any classes or if they could’ve chosen different ones every senior had something in mind. “AP world history, 100 percent," s (More)
Senior Ads
Senior ads for the yearbook are due October 1. Principal Todd Bloomer emailed both the Spanish and English order forms to parents and students. Contract and payments are due to Mikel Brand in B208. Please make any check out to Churchill Journalism. E (More)
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