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Senior Spring Checklist
It’s your last year in the high school education system, but before you go there are some things you have to do. This time all of it is your choice, you get to pick what college you attend, what to study, and what you want to pursue in life. Although (More)
Jumping over Johnson
Continuing their successful season, the girl's basketball team played against Johnson on Wednesday, Jan. 30, at the Blossom gym. (More)
Striking Out the Competition
Walking away from their first match with a win against Madison on Monday, November 4, the five person girl’s bowling team is excited about the start of their season and the opportunity to grow closer to each other.  “It’s a lot of work, but it’s w (More)
DECA paves the way for smooth sailing in business lines of work
by Lauryn Hughes | staff writer With some ink and paper, senior Brooklin Harris creates a watercolor piece. Harris has a dream to one day own her own business featuring watercolors, calligraphy, and baking. She has already gotten a head start by h (More)
Senior prank leaves students sliding to conclusions
Elly Beauchamp | staff writer Since the 2013 Texas flag prank, senior pranks have not aged well. Unlike the painted flag on top of the cafeteria building, this year’s prank included spilling bottles of baby oil onto the floor at the in the second (More)
National stress Awareness Month is here to give students a breather
by Elly Beauchamp | staff writer With 35 days left of this school year, it’s that time of year again to cram for finals. Senior Doug Robison is feeling the pressure of passing classes, getting accepted into college, and handling piles of stress. H (More)
Seniors prevail in annual powder puff game
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Goodbye winter, hello late college applications
staff writer | Lauren Loveless Spring brings the last minute manic senior search for college applications, but for students like Lawrence Belai, applications aren’t an issue. Instead, he chooses to take a year to acclimate to adult life before goi (More)
The show won't go on : no plans for senior talent show
by Lauryn Hughes | staff writer This year because of the one day testing schedule, administration has chosen to forgo the talent show, and instead take the seniors on a field trip to Alamo Drafthouse. According to senior class sponsor Megan Cobb, (More)
Second semester means seniors can see the light
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