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College admissions: getting ahead vs. taking your time
by Aliyah Armstrong | staff writer Even as this school year comes to an end, the work is not over yet. While some seniors have already been accepted to college because they applied early, others are still awaiting their letters of acceptance becau (More)
Working Hard Instead of Hardly Working: A Senior's Lament
(click image for full size) Spring break is usually thought of as a time of relaxation, spent soaking up the sun or binging sho (More)
Senior Rally Week
The schedule for Senior Rally Week.Flyer by Ms. Stark (More)
Senioritis strikes seniors during second semester
by Ryan Polk | staff writer Showing up late to class, not turning in homework, lack of effort in class. Procrastinating on assignments. These are just a few of the characteristics that can be identified among seniors, especially during the second (More)
What's next for seniors?
by Alyssa Pena and Lauren Holzmann | staff writer and arts and entertainment editor Anxiously, you open your little metal mailbox and peer inside to find only one large envelope addressed to you. With excitement bubbling up inside you, you snatch (More)
College admission proves difficult for some
by Elijah Johns | staff writer With second semester just around the corner, applying to college becomes a stressing thought for some seniors. As the admissions requirements become increasingly more stringent, simply having good grades may not be (More)
Seniors fulfill credit requirements to ensure graduation
by Michelle Brooks | staff writer At the end of their junior year, soon-to-be seniors excitedly fill out their course cards, in anticipation to finally graduate - and that’s when they realize they might be missing some needed credits. [caption (More)
Seniors have the right to vote
by Michelle Brooks| staff writer Attention seniors: here’s one more thing you can add to your list of ‘things I can do but no one else in the school can’. You can vote and not only that, but, the school provides the registration progress. “One (More)
Senior Reminder
October is here, and while most people are caught up in Halloween and events at school like Mactober Fest, seniors still have to keep a lot in mind these upcoming weeks as graduation draws closer. Here are some important upcoming dates: Oct. 21: (More)
New Google Classroom makes way for online homework
by Aliyah Armstrong | staff writer This school year, the introduction of Google Classroom has facilitated a rise in the assigning of online homework, especially in Pre-Calculus classes.   “We’re using Google Classroom to assign the homework bu (More)
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