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Varsity team settles into new roles
by Ben Barrera | staff writer Senior Brooke Stevens has some  high expectations for the soccer team  this season even though some key players were lost during the offseason. The team got to work right away starting the day their season ended la (More)
Bush Soccer Kicks Off Today!
Bush students celebrated the inaugural day of their first soccer game by wearing favorite soccer team jerseys. (More)
School is out, but practice is still on
by Eric Martinez | staff writer While most will be huddled up in blankets and drinking hot chocolate at home, coach Lee Miller and his wrestling team will be at school still practicing for the sports season. “Wrestling is an intense conditioni (More)
Get to Know Your Brahmas: Q&A with Jarenny Mendoza
Jarenny Mendoza is a sophomore on the JV soccer team. Q: What position do you play? A: "For school mainly central midfielder, but I play defense and forward, too." Q: When did you start playing soccer? A: "Four and a half years ago." Q: Why do (More)
The goalkeeper analyzes the field as sweat comes down her forehead. She decides to pass it to the center back who is open and anxiously waiting for the ball. She dribbles it while the opposite team tries to steal it without success. She passes it to (More)
Soccer heads to playoffs
by Victoria Ramirez | staff writer Faith, fight, finish: the three words on the girls soccer cage as they fought through their district season and as they fight through playoffs. Going into round 2, both the girls and the boys hope to make it far. (More)
Kicking It with Girls Soccer
From www.flickr.com The girls varsity soccer team will take on the Reagan (More)
Boys and Girls Soccer season starts off
Boys and girls are both excited and ready for the upcoming soccer season. Both teams made it pretty far in playoffs last year but they are both all set to take their teams to state this soccer season. “Pre-season started great, kids are playing w (More)
Get To Know Your Brahmas: Q&A with Natalia Cantu
Natalia is a freshman who is part of the varsity soccer team. Q. What made you want to join soccer? A. "I've been playing since I was little and I play club." More)
Colleges pursue CTJ athletes
by Victoria Ramirez | staff writer Athletes in every sport are gearing up to impress the college coaches as high school comes to an end. As seniors are about to graduate, they still remember how they began the road to college. “I’ve been playin (More)
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