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I tried to get TikTok famous in just five days
by Monica Smith | staff writer If TikTok was famous for one thing, it’s the general idea that gaining attention through likes on a post is easier and more accessible than any other social platform.  With that knowledge, a Tik Tok creator must know (More)
COVID-19 is no joke, but the memes are
Lauren Loveless | editor in chief Day thirty-something of quarantine and the severity of the pandemic is really sinking in. There’s no escape and everything seems gloomy, however, in these dark times there’s still some very amusing light.  “Per (More)
Internet crazes over new Gen Z phrase
by Lauryn Chavez | staff writer As the internet craze “ok boomer” erupts into twitter arguments and news articles discrediting the meme, sophomore Nysha Makani expresses that the term is so popularized because of the many different viewpoints gene (More)
What do students think about Instagram hiding likes?
by David Kent | staff writer Starting this week, Instagram will begin to hide people’s likes in the US. Senior Liberty Vela feels that this new change will not so much impact her, as it will impact those who center their lives around followers and (More)
A guide to Youtube celebrities
by David Kent | staff writer Since the creation of Youtube in 2005, the online platform has attracted over a billion users and has brought fame to countless individuals. “I use Youtube most often,” sophomore Madison Muncie said. “I like the acc (More)
Another year, another set of memes
Lauren Loveless | Staff writer From Thanos car to shocked Pikachu, the memes during this school year have never failed to satisfy. They get us through the thick and thin, give us a little laugh and help us forget the tests floating on the horizon. (More)
Why tho? Internet Challenges
Once again another pointless internet trend has knocked everyone off their feet: when you throw Vans, they always land upright. Regardless of the truth behind that, it raises questions about how society functions. Are we, as a society, allowing inter (More)
Is social media healthy?
Sofia Colignon | News Editor If you are reading this, chances are, you have some sort of social media platform. Whether it’s Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter or all of the above, you most likely use it to communicate with friends, send them memes, twe (More)
New meaning to the term 'Insta-worthy'
Instagram has been a platform for people to post their favorite pictures, whether they be relatable memes or just fun vacation snaps, since its release in 2010. However, recent studies have come out showing that Instagram is the number one social med (More)
#NoFilter : Why spam accounts are filling up your feed
by Courtney Smith | editor-in-chief Instagram made its launch in 2010, when the current class of 2018 was only in fifth grade. It seemed as though every smartphone was equipped with the photo sharing app, and the purpose seemed to turn from keepin (More)
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