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Apps to deny distractions
by Alexis McCutchan | staff writer While technology can aid learning and teaching, constant beeps and dings of a student's notifications can be distracting. “I tend see a kid on their phone every period, the notifications for social media can r (More)
H&M features first Hijab wearing model
by Aleeha Shah| staff writer A recent ad promoting H&M clothing marked history in the fashion industry, making H&M the first major company to feature a woman who wears a hijab. A hijab is a head covering worn by Muslim women. The 23-year-o (More)
The truth about Twitter and how teenagers are using it
by Emma Fitzhugh | editor-in-chief Before I begin this hopefully brief commentary, I should probably preface this by saying that as a senior in high school with less than a month left until all my i’s are dotted and my t’s are crossed for the last (More)
Students utilize YouTube to interact, share content
by Ryan Polk | staff writer The amount of student-created content found on social media is quickly growing, with many students, such as sophomore Jay Lee and junior Kylee Afflitto, using YouTube as an outlet to express themselves through new and c (More)
"IndonJohnson" Twitter page builds bridge between two countries
 by Ryan Polk | staff writer  Created by a group of Ms Guenther's students and Riley Nelson, an English teacher in Indonesia, the IndonJohnson twitter page serves to educate students f (More)
Barbie's New Look: Curvy, Tall and Petite
Since 1959 Barbie dolls have been the stereotypical toys for young girls, their worldwide popularity and commercial success have earned them the title of  the best selling toy of all time. Numerous movies, games, fashion trends, and artwork have been (More)
The Meaning Behind 7 Weird Emojis
The Oxford Dictionary named the "Tears of Joy" emoji the 2015 Word of the year and Sony Pictures Animation is planning on making an animated film based on emojis. There are a total of 1,620 emojis supported on all Apple iPhone products with the new i (More)
Editorial Cartoon - Valentine\'s Day
Tumblr is full of funny and witty comments that are fun to use in everyday life. Unless someone else saw that on Tumblr.     (More)
CTJ compliments account brings mixed reviews from Johnson students
by Claire Carter | editor in chief Johnson students scrolling through twitter feeds in the past week may have noticed a more positive take to shoutouts. In a little over week, the @CTJ_Compliments account has grown to reach over 300 followers, wit (More)
A guide to the newest slang: part two
by Mahek Khetani|arts and entertainment editor From the same author that brought you in-depth reports on sexual harassment and gender inequality, comes a story about what’s really important, teenage slang. Join us as we painfully lampoon the current (More)
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