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Jags donate to make a difference
by Eric Martinez| Staff writer The holiday season has lead to numerous donation and fundraising drives across the Johnson campus. “We are doing a toy drive because we are adopting an elementary school that we are going to just to give each of t (More)
Valentine's day grams are in season
by Saidah Hawkins | staff writer With Valentine’s day right around the corner, Student Council grams are making their way to the desks of many. “The Valentine grams will be themed for the day, with Valentine candy and a poem,” Student Council s (More)
Student organizations give back for the holidays
by Victoria Ramirez | staff writer Organizations like Student Council, the dance and drill teams, and pep squad are doing everything they can to become leaders and ambassadors for our school. “This year for the 2016-2017 school year [we] start (More)
Stu Co leads Toys for Tots efforts on campus
by Myralexis Tijerina| staff writer In spirit of the holidays, people of the community and the schools come together to give love and presents to people in need through the program, Toys for Tots. “You know what, I think it's a neat organizatio (More)
Walking in a winter wonderland
by Alyssa Pena | staff writer The Christmas season is one of the most hectic times of the year for both parents and their children. There is little to no time to go shopping for gifts, decorate the house, and most importantly, there is no time to (More)
The Pulsera Project
Student Council brought on the Pulsera Project this week. This organization educates and empowers the youth of countries including Nicaragua, Uganda, and Guatemala.  All the profits raised by selling the bracelets go back to the children and their co (More)
Shattered Dreams Becomes Reality in Simulation
The Student Council simulated a drunk driving car crash as part of the national Shattered Dreams program to encourage seniors and juniors to make good decisions throughout Spring Break (More)
MacArthur\'s Birthday
Student Council cut cakes during lunch for MacArthur\'s Birthday. Photo by: Julia Rash[/cap (More)
Unmasqueing Student Council
Homecoming is quickly approaching and with that comes endless preparations from Student Council. The Student Council has put their time and efforts into making this a memorable Homecoming with loads of poster making, stage-prepping and supply orderi (More)
Johnson clubs appeal to all students
by Claire Carter | editor-in-chief The secret to success in high school is this: get involved. Join clubs as soon as you can. Run for officer positions, and pick up that application for some honor society-it may help you in the long run. Worried abo (More)
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