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New year, new fitness options
by Alexis McCutchan | staff writer For students looking to save some cash and still wanting to meet their New Year's resolution of staying fit, here are some places that offer discounts or give free sessions to students! Orangetheory fitness. (More)
Black girls celebrate Black History Month
by Michelle Brooks | staff writer To celebrate the Black History Month , four junior girls have organized a way for black girls at Johnson to get in formation. “It is an empowerment of young black girls and other girls who are mixed with black (More)
Apps to deny distractions
by Alexis McCutchan | staff writer While technology can aid learning and teaching, constant beeps and dings of a student's notifications can be distracting. “I tend see a kid on their phone every period, the notifications for social media can r (More)
Students plan for future
by Laura Navarro | staff writer Some people don’t spend time thinking about what they want to do after high school and consequently, there are some requirements are needed that students may not know about. “Certain college majors, such as those (More)
Best apps to help high school students get ready for college
by Victoria Ramirez | staff writer Applying for colleges and scholarships can be overwhelming but there are plenty of apps that can simplify the process. Here's some of the best apps out there for seniors. More)
JROTC Up For The Challenge

No Pass, No Play!
Students involved in sports, dance, band, UIL and other extra curricular activities are anxious to receive their nine weeks report card. When viewing their grades students hope to have a sigh of relief instead a feeling of dread. The nine weeks grade (More)
French Visits Texas Culture Institutes
[caption id="attachment_33247" align="alignleft" width="300"] Juan Alvarez by Alexa Hausauer

The Exchange Experience
Getting the opportunity to become an exchange student and, leaving the U.S to another country are all the new things students get to experience and become accustomed to would be thrilling and quite interesting for anyone. For Rita Garcia-De-Borito th (More)
The Paperless Story on How We Murder Trees
Day by day, schools tend to use up excessive amounts of paper. Most of the time it ends up back in the bottom of a trash can or for those who are a bit more considerate, a recycling bin. One sheet could mean nothing, but for a tree it's a big deal. (More)
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