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Bush Tennis Takes Flight
The Bush Tennis team competed against Bradley Middle School last week. There were many close matches but in the end Bush won and added another solid victory for the Bulldogs. Standout players for the boys team consisted of Parker Barton, Jake Retzlof (More)
Tennis Tikes
Members of the tennis team taught elementary school students how to play tennis on Oct. 20, at the MacArthur tennis courts. Students from Oak Grove came to the school to learn more about the sport. “We mainly taught basics and fundamentals to a ra (More)
Don’t Forget Tennis

Spring to the Finish: Tennis Season Recap
Practicing on those weathered down six courts every morning between the softball and baseball fields, there is the MacArthur tennis team. If it feels as though their sport never ends, it’s because it virtually doesn’t. With a four month fall season a (More)
For the love of the game
*In tennis, a school must win 10 of the 19 matches (7 doubles, 12 singles) to win the overall matchup* The date was Aug. 25, and the MacArthur tennis team appeared, on paper, to have a solid chance against the heavyweights of Churchill. The eager (More)
This Week In Sports
[video width=\"640\" height=\"360\" m4v=\"https://newspaper.neisd.net/lee/files/2015/02/This-Week-In-Sports-1jpu7z0.m4v\"][/video] (More)
There\'s a team behind the rank
[caption id=\"attachment_26302\" align=\"aligncenter\" width=\"200\"] Senior Kyle Herlich serving.Photo by India Nikotich

The school tennis team won (More)
Tennis rivalry ends with a hard hit for the Jags
by Payton Gentry| staff writer For the second year in a row, on October 9, the Johnson tennis team has fallen just short of a win against the Reagan Rattlers. In a hard fought match the Jags lost 4-10 to their rival. With the loss, the Johnson Jagua (More)
Jag tennis adapts to a new way of competing
by Payton Gentry | staff writer Last year, the Jag tennis team defeated their biggest two district opponents-Regean and Churchill-but still ended up playing the annual State finalist, New Braunfels. Last year was the first year of this new competiti (More)
Amado Volleys
When it\'s just her, a court and her racket she feels alive. Emily Adamo tells me more about her career as a Tennis player. \"Doubles is hard because when you miss the ball you feel bad for your partner even though they\'ll say it\'s okay.\" she s (More)
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