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If it's fall, it's Shakespeare for theatre productions
Working 9 to 5
Photos by Emily Hermann (More)
Her Senior Year
The Bush Theater department performed their second play of the year with all proceeds benefitting cancer prevention. Her Senior Year was a one act play that chronicles the life and death of a student battling cancer. The students had two performances (More)
Acting for scholarships
by Michelle Brooks | staff writer For students interested in attending college after high school, scholarships are one form of financial aid that can help reduce the cost of college tuition. These scholarships can be given for a variety of reasons (More)
One-act play \"The Cripple of Inishmaan\" excels to Regionals
The Cripple of Inishmaan competed it’s last show at One Act UIL for the regional competition, last Thursday, April 23. The shortened 40 minute version of the play, tells a dark story set in 1934 of “Cripple” Billy on his trying journey to escape the (More)
Movie star in our midst
by Audrey Payne | copy editor An actor has been hiding in our midst. Working as a substitute teacher and calling students “little brother” or “little sister,” David Mooney doesn’t speak much about his acting career, but he has many stories to tell (More)
Jags \'Bop to the Top\'
by Kirsten Kraus | feature editor Senior Carolyn Arnold sits in front of the piano, hands shaking. The lights begin to dim, as Arnold begins to play the opening chords for High School Musical. Before she knows it, the audience erupts in applause a (More)
MacArthur Drama Time
The drama department is putting on a production of J.B., in the black box theatre, Jan. 13-16 at 7 p.m. and 2:30 p.m. and 7 p.m. on Jan. 17. Tickets cost $7 per entry. “The theme of the play is a circus theme,” senior Nicolas Guerrero said. “We’re (More)
Jags on schedule for a great future
by Sam Abbas | staff writer Whether it’s taking the SAT and ACT, researching various universities, or getting involved in an off-campus organization, there are several ways in which students can prepare themselves for life after high school- even (More)
Bush Theater Moves \"Into the Woods\"
The Bush Theater students just finished their performance of \"Into the Woods\". The performance was spectacular and everyone was impressed with the musical performance. Check out the pictures by clicking on the link and the thumbnails below the post (More)
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