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Bush UIL Coaches Host Kick-Off Meeting
Bush began assembling it's dynamo packed UIL team with a kick-off "get to know one another" meeting. (More)
Bush UIL, Ready for the Competition
The Bush UIL team hosted their first meeting of the season to discuss information dealing with events, schedules, practice times, and other important stuff. They also took some time to practice and have some fun. See the pictures by clicking on the t (More)
Cheer takes the state by storm
by Aliyah Armstrong | staff writer The bus ride was long, but the legacy that was created would last so much longer. An opportunity to make history was presented and they accepted it. The cheerleaders overcame obstacles and persevered through toug (More)
Moving on to State: Orchestra's UIL Results
The results for Orchestra's recent UIL competition were released on Tuesday, Feb. 2. Seven students were qualified to continue to state, and other students listed were recognized for their achievements in their performances. Here are the full resu (More)
Low participation in academic UIL brings lower district results
by Audrey Payne | copy editor Students participate in many extracurricular activities, from musical activities to sports to leadership roles like Student Council and more. But how many of those students are involved in extracurricular academics, s (More)
Clean sweepstakes-choir UIL
Choir Performs Pre UIL Concert
Excel-lent contestant: Alyssa Parsons
Throughout four years of high school, different people allot their time to different things. Some look forward to afternoon naps granted with senior release, others take up club involvements, or get a part time job. However, there are rarely students (More)
Orchestra UIL
Violin section of the Orchestra perform in a December concert.Photo by: Amparo Gil[/caption (More)
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