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Low participation in academic UIL brings lower district results
by Audrey Payne | copy editor Students participate in many extracurricular activities, from musical activities to sports to leadership roles like Student Council and more. But how many of those students are involved in extracurricular academics, s (More)
Clean sweepstakes-choir UIL
Excel-lent contestant: Alyssa Parsons
Throughout four years of high school, different people allot their time to different things. Some look forward to afternoon naps granted with senior release, others take up club involvements, or get a part time job. However, there are rarely students (More)
Orchestra UIL
Taking se (More)
Orchestra Plays
Mario Prado, the Lee Orchestra teacher, likes to make orchestra enjoyable for him and his students. He likes to actually make a difference in how people play and loves to hear when they truly enjoy playing. \"We have three competitions each year,\ (More)
Orchestra UIL
On Wednesday, March 19th, the Harris Symphonic Orchestra performed for UIL at Krueger Middle School, and they did very well. The Harris Honors Orchestra performed on Thursday, March 20th, for UIL, too. For those who don\'t know what UIL involves, it (More)
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