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Valentine's Day on campus
by Alexis McCutchan | staff writer Valentine's Day on a high school campus means roses, candy and stuff animals - but as with other holidays, the administration is asking students to refrain from unnecessary distractions. “Things that can or would (More)
Valentine's Day: The Single Life
Candy hearts, red roses, and giant teddy bears all symbolize a time of year all couples look forward to: Valentine’s Day. With this holiday also brings out the bitter side of single people. "I think the main reason most people are mad [about Valen (More)
Giant Gifts Bought with Little Wages
(click image for full size) Spending money on Valentine's Day can sometimes get out of hand, especially wh (More)
Cards and Carnations
The Spanish Honor Society has been selling carnations in the cafeteria for the past two weeks. Students can purchase two dollar carnations and write a personal note to the recipient, which are delivered on February 12th, the Friday before Valentine’s (More)
Harris Green Team Selling Canations
Harris Green Team is selling carnations! They are on sale today, Friday the 13th for $2 dollars. Give them to your friends or that certain someone special. Support our school by purchasing some carnations today! (More)
Valentine\'s Day Dance
The Valentine\'s Day dance is on Friday, February 13th from 4:30 p.m.-7:30 p.m. in the cafeteria. The dance is so that you can have a good time and hang out with your friends. The dance is on the 13th, so it makes it even more magnificent! We hope yo (More)
13 Best and Worst Gifts for Valentines Day
With red hearts and diapered, winged babies literally hanging in the air, taking the time to find something perfect for your honey is incredibly important. More)
Love in the hallways
As students scurry through the halls to get to their next class there\'s a plethora of things they will encounter. Rows of lockers, the majority unused, teachers shouting how much time is left till tardy sweep, friends chattering excitedly, and more (More)
Editorial Cartoon - Valentine\'s Day
Tumblr is full of funny and witty comments that are fun to use in everyday life. Unless someone else saw that on Tumblr.     (More)
Calculus Club Programs Online Match Service
The Calculus Club is hosting a compatibility service at ReaganMatch.com and the program matches students up with others based on how similar their responses are to an online questionnaire. The results cost $2 and the (More)
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