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Harris Green Team Selling Canations
Harris Green Team is selling carnations! They are on sale today, Friday the 13th for $2 dollars. Give them to your friends or that certain someone special. Support our school by purchasing some carnations today! (More)
Valentine\'s Day Dance
The Valentine\'s Day dance is on Friday, February 13th from 4:30 p.m.-7:30 p.m. in the cafeteria. The dance is so that you can have a good time and hang out with your friends. The dance is on the 13th, so it makes it even more magnificent! We hope yo (More)
13 Best and Worst Gifts for Valentines Day
With red hearts and diapered, winged babies literally hanging in the air, taking the time to find something perfect for your honey is incredibly important. More)
Love in the hallways
As students scurry through the halls to get to their next class there\'s a plethora of things they will encounter. Rows of lockers, the majority unused, teachers shouting how much time is left till tardy sweep, friends chattering excitedly, and more (More)
Editorial Cartoon - Valentine\'s Day
Tumblr is full of funny and witty comments that are fun to use in everyday life. Unless someone else saw that on Tumblr.     (More)
Love is in Air.
Best and worst of Valentine\'s Day according to students and teachers: Evelyn Espitia (11 (More)
A Happy Valentine\'s Day to Every Couple
  With the controversy in the Olympics at Russia and the recent court ruling for gay marriage in San Antonio, gay couples are still fightin (More)
Johnson faculty shares its feelings on Valentine\'s day
by Caitlin Glenn|staff writer As Valentine\'s day draws nearer, the typical complaints of not having a boyfriend of girlfriend and the ever present insistence of people actually in relationships flaunting their \"taken\" status take on a frequency t (More)
The Five Worst Ways to Ask Someone to be Your Valentine
Editors Kayla Gunn and Sarah Morales review the worst ways to ask someone to be yours this Valentine\'s Day. Examples include stalking them, serenading them, and sending them an email. Have your own horror story? Comment below! < (More)
Minecraft Valentine\'s Day
Happy Valentine\'s Day from a Minecraft point of view. (More)
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