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Game offers another way to connect, even for those who are sus
by Karina Correa | staff writer Among Us, an online multiplayer game where players in a space-themed setting take on one of the two roles, either a crewmate or an impostor, has newfound popularity fueled by people eager to connect, but still harbo (More)
COVID-19 Through Music
    With everyone at home, it’s the perfect time to (More)
Video games aren't the cause of violence
by David Kent|staff writer The argument over whether violent video games incite violence has popped up again after the recent mass shooting in Sutherland, Florida. The President of the United States, Donald Trump, weighed in on this issue, stating (More)
Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Review
The new mobile game "Animal Crossing Pocket Camp" was released on Nov. 22. The game is Nintendo's second gaming app and is based on their popular console game "Animal Crossing". In the game you are a villager hoping to enjoy some nature, with your tr (More)
Students utilize YouTube to interact, share content
by Ryan Polk | staff writer The amount of student-created content found on social media is quickly growing, with many students, such as sophomore Jay Lee and junior Kylee Afflitto, using YouTube as an outlet to express themselves through new and c (More)
Nerdly Speaking: Upcoming Video Games Podcast
This month's podcast is all about some of the upcoming video games that will be releasing in May and June. Make sure to check some of these games out and look out for more video games coming out that may not have been mentio (More)
Virtual reality becoming reality
Virtual reality, once seen as a thing of the distant future, is coming closer to the average gamer faster than ever. Video game companies like Sony coming out with the Playstation VR and Steam funding the More)
Frankly Speaking: Great Games for Christmas
It's that time again where all video game fans grab their wish lists and hope they get any games they missed throughout the year. For those of you who don't really know what to ask for, here are some games to put on your Christmas wish list. Multi (More)
Frankly Speaking: Pokemon Shuffle Mobile
The incredibly popular Nintendo 3DS game, Pokemon Shuffle, has found its way onto the mobile platform as of Aug. 31, 2015 as Pokemon Shuffle Mobile. This is the first time that any Pokemon game, or for that matter any Nintendo game, has officially co (More)
Frankly Speaking: Mewtwo\'s Return
Mewtwo rejoins the Super Smash Bros. lineup.Photos from www.wtfgamersonly.com For tho (More)
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