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Volleyball team heads into playoffs this week
by Eric Martinez | staff writer Spiking the ball over the net, senior Rachel Morse instructs the rest of the team while preparing for playoffs. With all the district games behind them, the volleyball team has earned 3rd place in the district event (More)
On The Road to State
With an astonishing 33-7 overall record and 12-1 district record, the Lady Chargers sit at the top of the district standings and don’t look like they are slowing down any time soon. Led by senior and Notre Dame commit Caroline Meuth, the Lady Charger (More)
Lady Bulldogs Dominate at Pre-Season Tournament
The Lady Bulldogs brought home the championship trophy last week in their pre-season tournament. The BBNN was there to catch the action. (More)
Spiking it
The squeaks of shoes against the shiny linoleum floor and the shouts of “ball!” and “mine!” fill the gym as spectators settle down to watch the game of volleyball.  It’s make or break, at this point in the year, and the girls give it their all. [c (More)
Lady Bulldogs De-Spot the Jaguars
The Lady Bulldogs swept the Jackson Jaguars in their second to last home game of the season. The Lady Bulldogs will take on the Lopez Panthers in their final home game Monday in the dogpound. (More)
Volleyball restores winning ways
Varsity Volleyball’s season came to an end Tuesday night when the girls lost to New Braunfels Canyon in three sets. The team had a terrific season, finishing 26-20 (W-L) overall and 6-6 in district play. Their solid record led to them coming in 4t (More)
Volleyball Pre season Rankings
As the sport that has its first matches two weeks before school even begins, volleyball girls spend most of their summer preparing for the 3 month school season. In 2014 Reagan won the district however, Churchill advanced the farthest in the playoffs (More)
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