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by Desiree Coffey

2016 is Leap Year.  The last Leap Day was on February 29, 2012.  A common year is a standard calendar year with 365 days, 12 months and no extra day in February.  On a Leaf Year the calendar year is 366 days long.

Leap Year was needed to keep our calendar in alignment with the Earth’s revolutions around the Sun.  It takes the Earth approximately 365.242199 days (a tropical year) to circle around the Sun.  If a day is not added on February 29 nearly every 4 years, we would lose almost 6 hours every year.  Six hours less of school might sound wonderful but after 100 years, our calendar would be off by approximately 24 days.

Leaps Day has been a day of traditions, folklore and superstitions ever since Leap Years were first introduced by Julius Ceasar over 2000 years ago.

  • Women propose to men: According to Irish legend – This is believed to balance the roles of women and men as Leap Days balance the calendar.
  • 12 pair of gloves: If a man refuses a proposal on a leaf day, he has to buy her 12 pair of gloves (one pair for each of the 12 months).  This is to hide the embarrassment of not having an engagement ring.
  • In Scotland, it used to be considered unlucky for someone to be born on a Leap Day. While Greeks considered it unlucky for couples to marry during a Leap Year, and especially on Leap Day.

Happy Birthday to all those born on a Leap Day – Do you know any of these Leap Day babies:

  • Pope Paul III was born on Leap Day in 1468.
  • Gioacchino Rossini (Italian Composer) was born on Leap Day in 1896.
  • Al Rosen (American Baseball Player) was born on Leap Day in 1924.
  • Lyndon Byers (Canadian Hockey Player) was born on Leap Day in 1964.
  • Antonio Sabato Jr. (Actor) was born on Leap Day in 1972.
  • Ja Rule (real name Jeffrey Atkins – Rapper and Actor) was born on Leap Day in 1976.
  • Chris Conley (Musician and Songwriter/Composer) was born on Leap Day in 1980.

Are you a Leap Day Baby?  Let us know!

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by Desiree Coffey

 ARIES –  Purple Hair

TAURUS – Dark Brown

GEMINI –  Chestnut

CANCER –  Highlighted Brown

LEO –  Blonde

VIRGO –  Ash Brown

LIBRA –  Honey Blonde

SCORPIO –  Black


CAPRICORN –  Rich Chocolate

AQUARIUS –  Dyed Hair (any color)

PISCES –  Light Blonde

 What do you think?  Any truth to this?  I can say this – my grandparents have been married 50 years and my grandpa doesn’t have honey blonde hair (that would be funny) but my grandma does have black hair (well before the gray).  I believe the heart loves who it loves and hair color should not be the deciding factor, respect, kindness, and loyalty are qualities I’m looking for!

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by Desiree Coffey

Valentines day is coming up, and you know what that means, cards, candy, flowers, and gifts.  here are 15 facts about the day of love.

  1. In Victorian times, it was considered bad luck to sign a Valentine’s Day card.
  2. Based on retail statistics, about 3 percent of pet owners will give Valentine’s Day gift to their pets.
  3. About 1 billion Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged each year.
  4. If you’re single don’t despair, you can celebrate Singles Awareness Day (SAD) instead.
  5. Instead of having Valentine’s Day, you can pop over to Finland where Valentine’s Day is called Ystävänpäivä, which translates to ‘Friends Day’. It’s more about remembering your friends then your loved ones.
  6. Physicians of the 1800s commonly advised their patients to eat chocolate to calm their sorrow for lost love.
  7. More then 35 million heart-shaped boxes of chocolate will be sold for Valentine’s Day every year.
  8. 73 percent of people who buy flowers for Valentine’s Day are men, while only 27 percent are women.
  9. 15 percent of U.S women send themselves flowers on Valentine’s Day.
  10. Over 1 billion dollars worth of chocolate are purchased for Valentine’s Day in the U.S
  11. Over 50% of all Valentine’s Day cards are purchased six days prior, making Valentine’s Day a procrastinators delight.
  12. The rose was the favorite flower of Venus, the Roman goddess of love
  13. Red roses are considered the flower of love because the color red stands for strong romantic feelings.
  14. Women purchase approximately 85 percent of all Valentine’s Day gifts
  15. 220,000 is the average number of wedding proposals on Valentine’s Day each year.
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by Desiree Coffey

 Valentine’s Day is approaching and many are daydreaming about their secret crush.  Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be an all out declaration of love, a source of major hair pulling anxiety, sweat dripping, tongue tied, sick to my stomach feeling or just another failed daydream.

It can simply be an opportunity to let another person know you’ve noticed them.  Maybe an opportunity to express that you like their smile, laugh, or eyes.  It’s an opportunity to go beyond hallway stalking (you know you’ve done this) and maybe an opportunity to introduce yourself from a safe distance.  Maybe building up to a passing head-nod or a smile. Or you could let a friend know you like them just a little more then you’ve let on.  Not taking anything away from super romantic person that goes all out (we love those too).

Whatever you’re situation, don’t let fear or rejection hold you back.  I say go for it!!!!!  And if your crush doesn’t crush back, that’s okay.  At least you know and you can start looking  around and maybe notice the one (you’ve overlooked) who’s crushing on you!!!  Oh, don’t worry, their out there!

Friend valentines are welcome too!  “Feeling the Love” is what this day is all about.  So, remember to wish your friends Happy Valentine’s Day too.  They will be there with you when your crush isn’t anymore.

Friendly reminder! If you’re on the receiving end of that heart-felt valentine, please be kind and remember that person thought you we’re special enough to put their fears aside.  A smile and a thank you goes a long way.

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by Desiree Coffey

Most of us know Martin Luther King Jr. was a Baptist minister and social activist. He played an influential role in the American civil rights movement and was assassinated in April 1968 by James Earl Ray.  But did you know that:


  1. The civil rights leader was born Michael King Jr.. His father, travel to Germany and became inspired by the Protestant Reformation leader Martin Luther. As a result, King Sr. changed his own name as well as that of his 5-year-old son.


  1. King entered college at the age of 15. King was such a gifted student that he skipped grades 9 and 12 before enrolling at Morehouse College in 1944.


  1. At the age of 12, Martin tried to commit suicide. It was May of 1941 when his grandmother died from a heart attack. When his parents informed him, he went up the stairs of his two story house and jumped out the window.


  1. Martin was almost assassinated a decade before his actual death. He was at a book signing for his book, Stride Toward Freedom. On September 20, 1958, Martin was approached by Izola Ware Curry.  She reached in her pocket, brought a letter opener out, and stabbed him with it. It took them three hours to get the letter opener out.


  1. Although Martin is known for being a great public speaker. He got a C in his public speaking class while in Seminary (a college to become a priest minister or rabbis).


  1. The King family did not believe that James Earl Ray acted alone. Ray, a career criminal, pled guilty to Martin’s assassination, but later recanted. Martin’s son, Dexter, met publicly with Ray in 1997 and argued for the case to be reopened. Martin’s widow, Coretta, believed the Mafia and local, state, and federal government agencies were deeply involved in the murder. She praised the result of a 1999 civil trial in which a Memphis jury decided the assassination was the result of a conspiracy and Ray was set to take the blame.


  1. Martin’s mother was also slain by a bullet. On June 30, 1974, as 69 year old Alberta Williams King played the organ at a Sunday service inside Ebenezer Baptist Church, Marcus Wayne Chenault Jr. rose from the front pew, drew two pistols, and began to fire shots. One of the bullets struck and killed Alberta, who died steps from where her son had preached non-violence.


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