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Physics and Tug-o-War?

Monday, September 8, 2014 the 8th grade lunch room was buzzing with the exciting lesson that took place during science classes today.  When Mr. Ankrom, 8th grade science teacher, was asked what was happening in class, he stated “We were experiencing and exploring balanced and unbalanced forces by having a tug-o-war competition between 8th grade Science classes.  Mr. Griffith took advantage of the rope when all the forces were balanced by standing on the rope.”  Solomon Villareal – staff writer for the Wrangler Wrap captured this video - 8th Grade Science Classes – tug-o-war

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Who Is The New Assistant Principal?

Mr.Gonzalez 4On August 18 editors of the Wrangler Wrap interviewed the new assistant principal, Mr.Gonzalez. Before coming to Wood, Mr.Gonzalezs says he was “the best Spanish teacher at Johnson High School,” he has never been an assistant principal before so he is both excited and nervous for the new school year. Click here to view the video interview with Mr. Gonzalez.

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Interviewing Dr.Gardner

Dr.Gardner 4When we interviewed Dr.Gardner, we found her in a football jersey with “Dr.G” written on the back. She said that the most important thing this school year is to “transition the eighth graders into high school students”and she always wants to have a “fresh start” for every school year.  To view  Dr. Gardner’s  video interview click here.

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Mrs. Lowak’s News You Can Use!

On August 13,2014 editors of the Wrangler Wrap interviewed Mrs.Lowak and asked about the new dress code regulations, agenda books, field trips, any changes for the 2014-2015 school year, dances, clubs, lunch food, and field trips. When asked about her predictions for the upcoming year she said that she thinks this school year is going to be “fabulous”.Mrs. Lowak’s News You Can Use – Video Interview

Mrs. Lowak Smiling

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Welcome New Wranglers!

On August 13, The Wrangler Wrap Crew  interviewed Mr. Holzmann to get his insight on how he thinks the new school year will go for the new 6th graders, as well as how to open the locker, if there is anything to be scared of,  how much more stress will come upon the 6th graders, and if there will be more work. Also 6th graders don’t forget Wrangler Round-Up is on August 19th from 5:oo to 6:30. Welcome New Wranglers – Video Interview


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