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Are You in the Know About Educational Changes This Year?

After the Texas Education Agency published different versions of the 2015 – 2016 STAAR testing schedule, “A majority of comments favored changing test dates to May, stating that the change in testing dates will provide additional time for instruction, greatly benefitting students,” said Commissioner Williams in his letter to school districts and charters. “In addition, it will eliminate one week of testing from the overall test administration schedule. The intent of these testing calendar changes is to provide students with greater opportunities for learning.”

The Commissioner also shared that districts and charter schools can expect the report dates for assessment results to also be later in June for middles school students.  This reporter wonders how this will affect the re-test opportunities.  For now, we await more information.

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Teachers Gear Up for the New Year

At curriculum day teachers were welcomed back to a new school year by Mayor Ivy Taylor.  Motivating words from multiple speakers helped teachers prepare to welcome all their new students.  Wood Middle School continued the tradition of the Wrangler Round Up for all 6th graders and had a huge turn out for the first ever Meet the Teacher night for 7th and 8th grade students and parents.  “This was such a huge success, we will do this again next year!” stated, Mrs. Lowak, Principal.

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Wellness Day = Fun Day of Activity

By Michelle Mosman

Wellness day was an amazing day to be going to Wood Middle School. It was a day full of energy and excitement. People were all over the place starting one thing to something else, seemingly, the next minute.

We had been told the whole week that we were having a wellness day and to leave our stuff at home. Some of us were expecting the teachers to cancel the event because of the rain, but our teachers pulled through. They found room for the activities inside and continued without a second thought. The activities were different yet similar.

There was Zumba in the library, where you would learn or teach a new dance. With the upbeat music it was hard not to have fun there. Then there was Dance on Kinect in the Band Hall and the Health room. This got everyone up and moving to a song of their choice, Funky Town was a popular one. There was Yoga in the Theater Arts room and the Orchestra Building. We had exercise in the Old Gym, games and activities in the New Gym and Concourse. Some of these games included: water balloon toss, the three legged race, and volleyball.

And when the day ended everyone went home sore, exhausted, and happy. All in all, it was an amazing day to be attending Wood Middle School.

Dance Revolution

Dance Revolution


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My time at Wood

By Anthony Villegas

Most of the experiences I had during my time at Wood were great. Some of them were the time we went to the zoo in 6th grade and when Mrs. Brown and our fifth period decided to make a video on being true to your school for a competition.  Although we did not win the contest, we had fun spending the whole day making the video.

Some of the things I will always remember will be the times I made new friends throughout the year. I will also remember the times spent messing around in class as well as the ones spent doing fun projects assigned by the teachers. But the things I will always remember most will be all of the valuable things our teachers have taught us that we’ll need in the future.

Some of the greatest things we’ve learned from our teachers is to respect others the same way we want to be treated no matter who they are. They have also taught us to always push our limits in order to achieve the highest level of success. No one other than our parents can teach us the valuable life lessons the teachers here at Wood teach us.


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Proud of our Wranglers

On Saturday April 18, 2015 the Wood Theatre Arts department competed in the Spring Speech Contest where we received 4th place. 28 students competed for Wood and they received 56 UIL points.  theatre 4th place winners

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