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U.S. Ebola

Roberto Tinajero interviewed Mrs. Viera about the Ebola outbreak in Texas. Many questions were asked about this. Questions relating to the development of the disease were answered in simple words. “It may take a LONG long time until it develops into an airborne disease,” said Mrs. Viera, school nurse.  See complete interview here.

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Children’s hospital strikes in 10 State Respiratory Illnesses

What respiratory illnesses in this matter of time? In 10 stares many kids under the age of 13 are getting sick within seconds. One possibility is because kids body aren’t strong enough or their immune systems aren’t getting rid of the virus quickly enough. Nurses or doctors of any medical study may know what type of illnesses it is. View more on this story here - Interview with school nurse Mrs. Viera




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Wood Wranglers Go YouTube famous!

On September 29, 2014 Mrs.Brown entered Wood Middle School in the Macy’s Lip Dub competition.

The Lip Dub results will be available around October 31, 2014 – fingers crossed!  Jasmine Fanning interviewed one wrangler on her thoughts about the production.  Click here for interview!

The link to the lip dub video —-> lip dub submission


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The Color Run

Almost 400 students and community members attended the annual Wrangler Stampede.  This year had the largest turn out ever as the stampede was turned into a color run/walk. “The event turned out to be more than I could have ever imagined.  ”We kept calm and sweated beautiful rainbows!” said Dr. Gardner-Assistant Principal. Click here to view a slide show of a few memorable moments – Color Run

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Parents go to class?

Parents go to class?

crowded cafeteria 4Greenback Night was a success! Two members of the Wrangler Wrap were able to go around the school and take pictures of everything. Including parents in the classrooms for once! That’s right Wranglers, the parents had to go to class instead of the students. The parents got to meet the teachers and get a glimpse of the curriculum and homework for the year.

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