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College Night

On Monday night our students participated in the 2nd Annual Avid College Night Showcase. Our 6th graders researched community colleges, the 7th graders researched Texas colleges and universities, and our 8th graders researched colleges and universities outside the state of Texas. The research focused on the college and its programs, but also the college’s admission requirements, campus facts, and the financial responsibility associated with their campus. Students created presentation board based on the information they researched and parent, community, and family members were invited to view the final showcase. Students did an amazing job with over 70 colleges represented!


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8th Grade Students Became Detectives

8th Grade Students Became Detectives



The eighth grade U.S. History students at Wood Middle School were ready for the challenge. Students became history detectives as they examined evidence and solved various crimes regarding the start of the American Revolution. They analyzed primary and secondary sources, examined artifacts, and watched video clips to help solve the crime. The activity was not only a fun way to learn about our history, but also sharpened their research skills.


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Power Up Day!

By Ms. Jennings





The governor of Texas proclaimed September 15th to be Power Up @ Your Library Day for all Texas Libraries.  Two hundred sixty-two Wood Wranglers participated in Wood Middle School’s Passport to PowerUp event in the library.  All day, students could explore a variety of activities that can power up students.  Some of these activities included were Ozobots, green screen stop motion animation, Legos, coding and 3D printing.  Students said it was fun and wished they could stay all day.  They liked having time to explore new things.  Their favorite activity was the Ozobots, a small spherical robot that can be programmed by color coding.  All participants who turned inpu2 their passport was entered into a drawing for a Kindle Fire.  Natania Lal, a sixth grader was the lucky winner.  The library plans to host more fun programs like this throughout the year.



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Wrangler First Week of Success

By a Proud Wood Wrangler

DSC_0216From our 6th graders finally getting the dreaded locker open to the administrators lining up to serve the parents, teachers, and Wrangler community frito pies, this has been a start to remember.  Through the 6th grade hallway you hear sounds of “ugh, I’m never going to get this” and then a resounding and joyful “YES! I did it”.  This first week was filled with just that sentiment – a lot of firsts.  We welcomed a new Principal, Mr. Alvarez, who seems to be very happy to be here and actually took time to get to know us in the hall.  We have started a new bell schedule that boasts one of the best classes ever, known as HQ.  You can hear teachers talking to students like a team member instead of a leader in some instances and most students have had very positive things to say.  I for one am excited about my year here and look forward to all the cool stuff we get to do next.DSC_0221

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End of the Year Events

There are so many exciting things that happen at the end of the year.  STAAR results start to trickle in and we are so excited about what the future holds.  You can see on our teachers’ faces that they are relieved and exhausted over all the hard work that went in to helping us succeed and end the year on a high note.

We have had several field trips and just recently the 6th and 7th grades celebrated an excitement filled wellness day while the 8th graders enjoyed a farewell party hosted by our dedicated PTA.

Looking forward somehow seems brighter although we 8th graders will always be grateful for the years we got to spend here at Wood Middle School.8th Grade Party Wranglers Celebrate Campus Wide Wellness Day



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