In a Perfect World

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     Everyone dreams about what it would be like in a perfect world.  Some Bradley students have written their ideas about this ideal world.

In a perfect world . . .

Equality would mean nothing

and Unions would be gone,

Obesity would be non-existent

and we wouldn’t have to mow our lawns.

Violence would tremble in the sight

of kindness

and food and water would be gone

without test.

Peace on Earth was never heard of

Because War and Misery were never

dreamed of

Black or white, it would

not matter . . .

For when everyone is perfect,

nobody is.

In a perfect world…

everyone would love each other. 

No one would hate, so there would be no reason for wars. 

No one would divorce because they wouldn’t see anything wrong with each other or their relationship because there was no problem. 

People would find it in their heart to help people in poverty. 

The world would be full of happiness for all of eternity.

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