Remember: The Holocaust

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The Holocaust began when Dictator Adolf Hitler took control over Germany in 1933. The people of Germany looked to Hitler as a powerful man who could rebuild Germany’s economic system after World War I. Hitler also controlled the Nazi Party. He blamed the Jews for Germany’s financial problems and believed that the Jews were inferior to the other Germans. The Nazi’s began sending Jews to concentration camps with hopes of destroying all Jews, gypsies, and mentally/physically challenged people for the sake of the world. The effects of the Holocaust were immense with some 5,860,000 Jews dead. Not many people truly understand the terror spread by this event. Think back to the little things we take for granted. Now think about the huge things we take advantage of, like our freedom. Now completely take those things away and see how you feel. This is barely anything compared to the experience of those poor humans whose lives were mercilessly taken. Take a minute now to think about the many people who did not survive those terrible moments of this world’s history.

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