Valentine’s Day Crafts

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Valentines Day is the perfect time for making and giving homemade crafts. They’re fun and easy to create. Have Fun!!!

Candy Rings

What You’ll Need:

1 chenille stem per ring

White craft glue

wrapped candies

How You Do It:

Wrap the entire chenille around your finger and then slide it off. Add some glue to the bottom of a wrapped candy. Place candy on top of the chenille stem and wait for it to dry. Now give it to a friend or enjoy it yourself!

Paper Love Bug

What You’ll Need:

Empty toilet paper tube

Pink paper

Scissors and glue

Pipe cleaners

Pen, markers, or crayons

How You Do It:

Paint or cover empty toilet paper tube with colored paper. Cut 2 hearts from construction paper. Glue or tape the hearts on either side of the body. Draw a face on the tube and use pipe cleaners for antennas.

Enjoy your Love Bug!!!!!

Valentine Day Hats

What You Need:

Red pre-cut small and large craft hearts

2 red chenille stems

Wire cutters


Hot glue gun

White poster board


Stapler, tape, or glue

How You Do It:

Cut some poster board to fit around your head make it about 2 inches wide. Cut and glue the red chenille stems on the side of the posterboard. Glue a foam heart on the top of the chenille stems. Decorate using more foam hearts or any other decoration. Tape glue or staple the hat closed. Give your hat to someone or wear it yourself!



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    great job

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