Where the cloud was born

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Rack Space was founded in 1998. They host hundreds and thousands of customers world wide. Rack Space has 4,800 employees worldwide “ the host is the provider of the services”. Rackspace has public cloud, private cloud, and dedicated bare metal computing to provide for the perfect infrastructure for their customer’s specific needs “ the cloud is a term used to describe several computer systems working together over the internet providing computing tasks and operations,” “Openstack is open source software that allows Rackspace customers to build their own public and private cloud  networks”.

Rack Space has nine data centers, one in Asia and one in Australia, two in Europe, and the rest are in North America. Racker requires lots of reading and research, they also have to utilize strong problem solving skills. A bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience is required.Rack space started by a group of trinity university students started Rackspace. Dirk Elmendorf, Patrick Condon, Richard Yoo. Rackspace is located on Walzem Rd in what used to be Windsor Park Mall.

Rackspace believes that they’re making a difference in the world with their Racker talent .Their support engineers has the experience to support the most complex application and websites. Systems and the processes were  built exclusively for delivering  the best hybrid cloud experience for their customers.



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