Attacking Syria?

| September 30, 2013 | 1 Comment

By: C. Powers

Recently there have been chemical attacks in Syria. Forcing people from their homes, thus becoming refugees. Most of the refugees are starving, dehydrated, and have illnesses due to the chemical weapons. Already more than 100,000 people have died. Including fathers, mothers, grandparents, and children.

A year ago Barack Obama had set a “red line”, basically saying that if Syria’s government owns any chemical weapons it would become a breaking point. However, a Syrian military attack on a Damacus suburb killed and injured more than 3,000 people obliterating the “red line”. If the U.S. and Allies decide to attack Syria using missiles to destroy the chemical weapons, the blast would travel downwind and would likely make people suffer. If we don’t attack then the U.S. could become a target after hundreds of people were killed in Syria.

So, if the U.S. and Allies attacked Syria wouldn’t it be worth the risk?

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    wow, awesome job!! 😀

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