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By: Allyson Hoy

Summer is out, and fall is in. This breezy, colorful season isn’t only defined by cuddling and hot cocoa, but also, (yes, boys,) Football!  The NFL, however, isn’t the only source of this masculine sport. High schools, along with middle schools, as we all know, participate in it as well; especially all of us here at Bradley. Volleyball is also remarkably anticipated at this time.

With all of these wonderful sports and activities, everything seems to be superb here at this superior middle school. However, some people also believe we’re missing one minuscule, preppy detail.

We all know that during every game, activity, or competition anyone participates in, everyone wants to be encouraged to do their best. Most of our athletes at Bradley before games are encouraged, usually by their friends, family, or strangers rooting for the same team. Our football players enjoy being encouraged, and appreciate it greatly. However, our boys (being the teenage barbarians they are) prefer something greater. Instead of encouragement toward the boys and athletes by families and strangers, what if they were encouraged every minute of the game by a group of bubbly, enthusiastic girls?

Cheerleaders are prone to having a specific stereotype- blonde, mean, and stupid. Most individuals that are smart enough know these stereotypical terms are not true. However, it is most likely that cheer leading is not anticipated at Bradley for these reasons or comments; along with reputations that cheerleaders have.

This is extremely unfair. Cheerleaders should be included and recognized for their positive, effective aura, energy and talent. Therefore, because of these qualities, cheerleaders would not only be able to brighten the inner sanctum of the athletes at our games, but our fans, too! If our school took the time to experiment this new, exciting sport, who knows? Our boy and girl athletes could have a greater chance of winning much more (if not every) game due to the pride, enthusiasm, and encouragement emanated by the happiest girls on the field, track, or court.

Remember, everyone (especially athletes) loves to be encouraged and cheered on, no matter how blonde, mean, or stupid they may truly be.

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  1. Jennabugg says:

    good job

  2. justin says:

    that was good.

  3. jacqueline says:

    awesome, I love it!

  4. #stringcheese says:

    We had a cheer team but for the last few years no coaches have volunteered, I asked coach Mcdonald this year.

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