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by : Justin Dahlberg

Bullying is wrong and it really hurts people mentally and physically. When some one is bullying someone else that means that they are having a bad day or they have problems with their family. If someone is being bullied tell a teacher or a adult that is near you. If you are the one being bullied tell them to leave you alone ,and if the bullying continues tell a adult, the principal if it is happening at school. Bullying goes from just name calling, being made fun of; to pushing, threatening, hitting, rumors that are not true, and being blocked out of groups. I used to be bullied, like being blocked out of groups, being made fun of because the way I looked, people starting rumors about me, and being ignored. When this started happening to me I started getting independent, never wanted to have friends, liked being alone, never talked to anyone. Whenever a kid would try talking to me I would not talk to them. I had a very low social life. When the teacher would tell us to get a partner I would ask “can I do it by my self,” he would say “no.” I would always think “why do I even come to school.”  When was in fourth grade one of the kids told one of the girls in the classroom that I liked her and she said “you have no chance with any girl.”  I was really upset then and full of rage. Seeing someone get bullied or being left out on something, hearing rumors about someone, seeing someone get pushed, hearing someone being called names makes me angry. When I see someone getting bullied I tell the bully “pick on someone your own size,” and sometimes they will call me names.  I would ignore their comments. When I feel like I am alone I talk to friends. Even when someone says something mean and then they say they are kidding it still hurts peoples feelings.


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