“Chew, Chew, Gross!”

| September 30, 2013 | 0 Comments

By:Jessica Fonseca

People chewing gum a distraction or a big help? Some people may say that the subject is debatable. others say there is just one specific answer, to the main question that still stands. Should we be allowed to chew gum in class? Some of the benefits are that research shows that if you chew gum it helps you focus, if the flavor is mint only. Others say this will lead to a distraction. You might say it’s because people tend to smack their gum, while chewing it. People also chew for nerves. Some people also state that the scent of the gum leads to headaches and is just plain disturbing. ┬áPeople tend to debate, in fact studies show that most kids don’t have a problem with it, the teachers are the ones that can’t handle this sticky substance in their classrooms. Who can blame them there are very good reasons why kids shouldn’t chew anything sticky for the matter. One of these is when students chew gum the movement can actually throw other pupils off and or the teachers. Another fabulous reason is that when they do chew gum and the teacher spots them they usually stick it under the desks! Gum can be a huge problem, or a harmless help. Why don’t we overrule the optional decision? Better yet what side are you on?

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