Mcnuggets are Mcterryfying!

| September 30, 2013 | 2 Comments

By Noah LaPatra

What’s your favorite meal from McDonalds? A big mac, some chicken nuggets? it should be nothing, do you know why? because not only is everything on their menu fatty, but it is also not real. that’s right, you heard me, its not real. Their chicken nuggets are made from pink slime, which is a blended up whole chicken. Bones,beak,eyes,brain that’s what you’re eating when you choose to eat there. April LaPatra says “It’s disgusting and its not good for me therefore I would never eat it.” And your precious big macs aren’t safe from McDonalds reign of terror either. Did you know that recently big macs have a special chemical on them to keep them from rotting? recently a test has been done where a woman purchased a big mac and left it on the counter for 6 months and it never changed. In fact it looked exactly as it had on day 1, Personally i found this disgusting and so does Patrick LaPatra who says “it just proves that this kind of stuff shouldn’t go into your body.”  So the next time you’re thinking of having some delicious pink slime( chicken mcnuggets) just remember this article.

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  1. ahoy says:

    Good Job! 🙂

  2. jade miller says:

    illl gross !!! good job 🙂

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