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By: Brooke Sellers

Do you have an interest in soccer or play soccer? Well i do, and i think there should be a soccer team at Bradley. I mean, come on. We have a football, volleyball, golf, tennis, and track team; but no soccer team. More students play soccer at Bradley then any other sport. It would cause a lot less injuries and people would have fun. I know the school doesn’t just have money to waist on an idea, but we can hold fun raisers to earn money. Also everyone will make a team even if they have never played before. There can be a dark team, light team, and c team. I think it would be a good addition to Bradley.

There aren’t many schools that have middle school soccer but if Bradley starts then we need teams to play against so other school can make teams. Soccer has become a very popular sports that a lot of girls and boys play. This sport is for everyone, we can have boys and girls soccer team at Bradley.

This is another way for for students to interact with school, since 6th graders don’t get to play sports while in 6th they can play soccer. Therefor no students are left out of anything, or they are not being pushed to do something. This is a great way to get students active and into school spirit.

Middle school should not have a limit on sports that students can play. Schools should mostly have the main sports that people play, most kids play soccer now.  All middle schools should have soccer as a sport for the students who play or have and interest in soccer. This is good for people with an interest because they do not have to play thousands of dollars to play club when they can play at their school.

This is a major thing to think about when coming to this district. So just think about how this can improve students interest in school activities and how they view school. This subject is very important to some people, can you make it important to you to?

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