Tornadoes tear through the U.S and foreign areas

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by:Alexsis Cruz

Just as kids who were returning to school after the f-5 tornado that had just recently occurred three weeks back, came another tornado with ripping winds,  illuminating lightning, and thunder that damaged several homes in Oklahoma. Only one person was killed and injured quite a few civilians, but this tornado wasn’t as dangerous as the f-5 tornado that had recently happened just three weeks back. Tornadoes have been tearing through the U.S more than any other area in the world.

Tornadoes tore through Japan on Monday, injuring dozens and one seriously and was also destroying buildings. The police in Saitama near Tokyo said that 63 people were reported with injuries but, their injuries were not immediately reported. Tornadoes also destroyed other areas in Tokyo such as Chiba Prefecture.  Japan has an average of 20 tornadoes a year, according to the weather. com meteorologist. The Japanese word for tornado is tatsumaki; which means dragon whirls or/ spiralling dragon. tornadoes rarely occur in Japan as well as they are common in some U.S states such is Oklahoma, Kansas, and at times Alabama. When it  gets hot tornadoes form anywhere, especially if its in tornado alley in the U.S.  Also if its spring or summer, where the cold air from Canada combines with the hot air from the Gulf of Mexico and it gets at a certain area where it has mainly sand and dirt, from there it will form and transform into a big cloudy monster known as a tornado, one of the most dangerous storm of all time.

Tornadoes are tearing uphill in the U.S some struck Oklahoma again as the students are returning as the tornado that had just happened and destroyed several homes, injured severely, and killed pedestrians who were hit by debris.    So these following areas are all being affected by tornadoes these very following weeks,so let it be that if you are in the area in the tornado or any hail,please immediately go indoors away from windows and out of harms way. If you are outside or in any other type of area like under a power line, be sure to get in a ditch and tuck yourself in and never get under a tree. Tornado warnings will also be used during certain times, the EAS ( emergency alert systems) will activate the tornado warning.

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