Why does McDonalds still sell food?

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By: Madison Johnson


 People have already been criticizing McDonald’s for the fat and grease in all of their food. So why do you think that they still sell food? The real question is, why are people still buying their food?  Some reports prove that McDonald’s food is not healthy and can cause obesity by small amounts of food. Also most people know that the chicken has odd parts of the chicken in it, made from “pink slime”. There have been traces of other parts of the chicken in their nuggets,  the beak and feet. If people know this then why, why would they still encourage people to eat it. The answer is because it tastes good, if it tastes good then people will want more of it and buy it again.

Some people are trying to loose weight; once they do they go and eat McDonald’s again. McDonald’s food is going to make you fat again. That is because the grease and fat in their food. They do fry their food more than a lot of other restaurants.

Another question is why do McDonald’s fries look fresh after a year? No one exactly knows. Some people think that there are a lot of preservatives in them.

There are many questions about McDonald’s  that not everyone knows the answers to.  There are many rumors about McDonald’s. Some people assume that these rumors are true. There is a little truth in in each rumor.

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