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| October 3, 2013 | 0 Comments

By:    Bakurra Davis

Maybe this is just me, but I say we should have a wider selection of anime books at Bradley Middle School that are known to more people instead of just NarutoVampire Knights, Fruit Basket,etc.  I’ve never heard of Vampire Knights or Fruit Basket, and not everyone likes fruit or vampires or even ninja!  That’s betrayal on my part writing that, but we can’t just have the same things to read, we need other books like InuYasha, Yu-gi-oh!, Sakura Wars, Sailor Moon,etc.

It’s not just comic books we need more of, it’s also other books like, for example, Beauty Queens, a book I read over the summer. It was pretty good. Something to Blog About was a pretty good book or Brunettes Fight Back. I think the librarians should have to read any book(s) we, the students, put in the suggestion box.  I know we also have a club for things like this but i’m just saying it would bring more kids into the library.Maybe an assembly in the library would work and then have everyone put in a suggestion into the suggestions box and Mrs. Ramirez and the library aids could help her read the suggestions and put in orders for the books they liked the most!

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