Cell phones in class? I agree!

| October 3, 2013 | 1 Comment

By; Jenna Kurburski

Wouldn’t it be awesome to use cell phones in class? You know, to surf the web for projects, and download apps that would make learning fun? The thing is, you must meet all requirements and use your phone correctly. That means no texting or playing candy crush. Yes, NO CANDY CRUSH!! It’s going to be hard, but as students from Bradley Middle School, I think we can do it.

Our top priority to make learning as fun as we can would to let you use your phones, but you must first understand the rules for this and if you do not follow, it will result in some consequences. You must not break the rules. I know that Mr.Cruz will let you use your phones, but other than that, please do not take out your phones in class. I don’t think your mother will be proud.

In conclusion I really think that we should be able to use our phones in class. I know that there is some consequences and that we all must work hard to receive this privilege. so if you would like this to be a chance for you to have fun in school, be responsible and don’t take advantage of this privilege.

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  1. #soul eater says:

    Really? Mr.Cruz will let u use Ur phone? he did n’t let us use our phones last year… u guys r lucky!

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