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| October 3, 2013 | 0 Comments

By: Brooke Sellers

The best part of the day for most people is lunch, right? well it is to me. How can I be excited for lunch when the food isn’t all that good. I know there is a specific type of food they have to cook or heat up.

The schools have to go by a policy of what they can cook and what they can’t cook. They lunch ladies also have a school budget on what they can spend on food. The schools want the students to have healthy food so they buy whole wheat. Don’t get me wrong, whole wheat is healthy¬†but not always the best tasting.

First of all, sometimes the food has no flavoring as in salt or pepper. The food can be cold at times, or is they need sauce on them they don’t have any. The noodles are wet (most likely water) and then there is no sauce on them, the pizzas are burnt on the sides or even all on the top. The pizza tastes like cardboard with sauce and cheese on the top, and I know people don’t like the eat that.

I’m not trying to be rude, I know the lunch ladies are doing their jobs, but we also need good food to give us energy for school. Some people, including me, don’t eat lunch because it tastes bad. We all know that isn’t good for our body, but it is better then the food they serve. The lunch ladies don’t need to be perfect chefs, but at least change something in the cooking or heating up process.

School isn’t just about lunch but for some people like me it may be the highlight of their day, and they want to eat good food. Some of their food is good, but not all of it. ¬†All I’m saying is I want to go to lunch and sit down with my friends and enjoy my food, don’t you want to do the same?

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