Yosemitite wild fire

| October 3, 2013 | 0 Comments

                                                By: Brooke Sellers

This is a record breaking fire, it is huge. These fire is actually this biggest fire in California ever. The Yosemite fire was an illegal fire that was set in the middle of the woods by a hunter. The fire burned 235,841 acres of land, 111 buildings destroyed, including 11 homes. On September 5, 2013 the fire was 80% contained, after the fire was burning on for 19 days. As this fire was going it destroyed 370 square miles. This fire began August 17 in Stanislaus National Forest and more then 4,300 firefighters  rushed to the scene when this fire broke out. Officials have estimated 70 million dollars has been spent fighting the blaze of this huge fire. The Yosemite fire has been contained but everything that was in its path was destroyed  The grass is burnt, buildings are gone, homes are no longer standing but the people are okay. The person who started this was identified and arrested. Now they can start on rebuilding and watering and getting things back to normal.

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