Justin Bieber has gone crazy!

| October 8, 2013 | 6 Comments

By: Alexis Cruz


          Justin Bieber started out as a young christian singer, as well as an innocent 14 yr old child. Bieber started his debut in the year of 2009, at these times young fans like 5, 4 ,6 yr old kids, and young teens and tweens, as well as some young adults, looked up to him as a cute boy. Also, some merchandise inspired by the young christian were entitled as backpacks, lip balm, teddy bears and dolls including a future Mrs. Bieber poster were released into the market. So there for, fans of Bieber were of course buying these things and must have a room full of stuffed animals inspired by him and rooms drenched in purple.

          Justin Bieber started releasing his first album “My world” which was released on March 2010 that included his hit single “Baby ”which has gone viral since released. His music was really all about inspiration like for some examples Pray, Never say never, and of course Baby. He also covered for some songs as well as Christmas carols. So it was all fine and dandy until 2012-2013 he started going downhill from there, from a young christian singer to a heart breaker. While singing at a local bar in New York, young fans were running up to him thrilled by his music for autographs. Instead of signing their autograph books, he just wrecked the moment and pretty much broke their hearts by pushing them as he was making his way out of the bar. This made matters worse, more girls came home crying their eyes out because of the rude manners of this once kind gentlemen.

  Also at a local restaurant also, in New York he peed in the cleaning bucket they used for mopping and  then yelled out “f#$k you!” while flipping the bird to just about everyone in that place. Later on that day, Bieber apologized to the authorities and staff of the restaurant, but I’m not sure if that hushed the coyote.  Also, he has been getting  ink art, such as tattoos, all over his body. Tattoos such as an owl, Indian head, koi fish, king’s crown, Roman numerals, the words  BELIEVE in bold , tigers head, Jesus, and an angel. Yet, many other girls such as little kids still look up to him as a role model. That concerns me a bit because what if little kids think its okay to get tattoos all over themselves?, what if they find his dastardly acts okay to mimic? Even worse what if they start to pick up the young heart breakers bad behaviors, and laugh like its okay to do so even though they’re a little young for it? I mean many other little children are even too careless about their actions, especially if its from their favorite pop-star.

Justin Bieber had many fans out there in this world and this is what they get in return after they have praised him with the liking of his music and spending allowances,tooth fairy money , and even begging their parents for things titled and inspired by him as much as a purple sock monkey,are you kidding me!? Its just getting even worse, I mean people actually still like this guy? I  used to care for his music because it was inspiring but, now its just all about love, sex, and just plain breaking people’s hearts. It might be poisoning the minds of little kids and having their parents be okay with it! And, little kids find it funny? Appealing even? Why do their parents even allow this in their house? How could they live with very mature content in their house? How could they even let their children get away with it? Tweens and teens and young adults should be allowed to listen to this so therefor its should be in the mature category, ages ranging from 5,6,7, 4 yr old kids should really stay away from it.  Might I even mention that he actually pummeled one of the paparazzi as they were trying to snap a photo of him, and also  rear ended another car like he did not really care about destroying other peoples property.   Swedish police having discovered drugs and a stun gun on one of Bieber’s tour buses have also plagued the singer throughout his European leg of the believe tour. Justin Bieber has also been caught smoking marijuana, and typed these very words on his twitter account,”every day growing and learning. trying to be better. u get knocked down, u get up.” So maybe he has learned some life lessons from those very incidents that have occurred. In March, a few incidents happened in London where Justin Bieber had celebrated his birthday, where he was set to play four sold out shows,  where he led an entourage of friends, but when the club ejected the crew, Bieber typed on his twitter page ‘“worst b-day ever!’ On march 5th he arrived late to the concert at the 02 Arena.  Just two nights later, he fainted on stage; leading to  a brief hospitalization. Yet another seemingly shirtless picture of Justin Bieber was once again shot into the instagram websites. So there you have it, Justin Bieber strikes again, leading to top-less photos, animal like behavior, body ink, flipping the bird, and breaking teenage girls hearts.

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  1. Jenna says:

    Best article ever!!!!! I totally agree!! 😉

  2. Kitty Kat says:

    Love this! Definitely shows not all people to be perfect.

  3. #soul eater says:

    i luv this article too! i heard he also spit on his fans and attacked a Korean DJ because he wouldn’t play hip-hop or rap or something then hid behind his wall of 6’5″,380 pound body guards! someone needs to stop this kid before he seriously get in trouble!

  4. acruz says:

    Oh my gosh, are you serious? Talk about foolish baby-like behavior,oh and on an episode on what would you do he didn’t let a disabled lady park and the fans of his actually agreed to let him park

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