Perks of an Outsider

| October 8, 2013 | 4 Comments

By: Jacy Hornsby

Sitting at the lunch table alone, avoiding everyone, surrounding yourself with the ones you already know is one of the worst things you could do when you’re outside of everyone elses niche.

Personally i know its hard, tiring, and scary to sit and watch everyone else having fun and being surrounded by friends but, to every down side there is a positive up side. Instead of sitting around wondering “why me,” look at it as an opportunity to be yourself and make new friends that aren’t afraid to be themselves. Find people that have the same interests and take your extra time from being an outsider to do what you want and not what everyone else wants.

Have you ever heard the saying “out shine the rest?” You have to live up to that saying and blossom from your challenges. Don’t confirm the others assumptions that you’re weird and boring, turn the other cheek and show them what they’re missing out on. Being an outsider or a loner or a “non-popular” isn’t a bad thing it’s a label that influences  the minority to follow along imaturly. Hold your head high let them know they can’t control you. Look at them gratefully for making you their center of attention.

In the end of it all your hard times and rough patches make you smarter, stronger, and more wiser.


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I love animals, space, anime, reading, art, and writting of course. I am a fun loving and out going person who just wants to have fun.

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  1. Lindsay says:

    Being an outsider sometimes isn’t a bad thing from the ‘outsider’s point of view! Some people actually want to be left alone to their own devices. I think that it is not good to write an article like this with a condescending point of view, since you said you speak from experience

  2. Jenna says:

    Good job!! Love it!! Keep it up girl!

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