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Even Motzart loves it!

We’ve all seen that person walking across the street, shopping, or even in class with their headphones in. Do the young people now a days use their headphones TOO much? some people seem to think so. They think it crosses a line when people even do it when you are trying to talk to them. Personally I don’t think its a problem. I talk to my friends all the time with my headphones it, I mean I have my headphones in my ears the minute I walk out the door in the morning, and then as soon as I’m out of school.

Headphones are really handy to have, and I think they are probably the best thing ever. I am always listening to music, pod-casts, or watching videos, and so are many people my age. Its a part of our lives; It’s apart of how we live. Yet some say that doesn’t change the fact that we use them too much. Kids need to get those things out of their ears and get outside. Maybe we are on them a lot, but not too much. Kids still play sports, and go outside and stuff. It’s just nice to use headphone in sometimes. “Headphones it, world out.”

Music helps kids our age through a lot of stuff, and it even helps some people focus during homework. I always have my headphones in when I’m doing my work. Some days I actually look forward to doing homework because I get time by myself with my headphones in. Even though we do use headphones a lot, I think it helps us in the long run. Kids get their homework done, focus better in class, and they get some time away from all the other stuff they have to deal with.


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