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| October 8, 2013 | 0 Comments

By Andrew Monreal

Recently,sony took a survey on their website  to see if holiday buyers and gamers would rather purchase a Ps4 or a Xbox one.  Ps4 won the battle with 65% pefering a Ps4 over a Xbox one, which was not surprising becuase Sony massivly upgraded all of the systems features such as improved controller,500 GB hard drive and runs 50% faster than xbox.

With the major consels at war,sony still has one major trick up their sleeve.  The price. Microsoft has priced  their system at $499 and sony placed theirs at $399.Many parents would probaly perfer to spend less money so Ps4 won again in that depatment.the facts add up to the conclusion that Xbox one will not be as succesful as Ps4.

So, overall Ps4 is currently winning the consel war with its superior features over xbox. Dont be surprised when you buy a xbox and all of your friends have a Ps4.


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